Welcome to Scholar@UC

Welcome to Scholar@UC! On this page, you will learn how to use Scholar@UC.

What is Scholar@UC?

Scholar@UC is a digital repository that enables the University of Cincinnati community to share research and scholarly work with a worldwide audience and preserve it for the future. Read more about the mission of Scholar@UC on the About page. Get the latest updates on development of Scholar@UC on our Scholarblog. All users, including non-registered users, of Scholar@UC are bound by the Terms of Use.

What types of content should I submit to Scholar@UC?

Scholar@UC stores and preserves the scholarly output and creative works of UC faculty, staff, and students. Examples of appropriate content include, but are not limited to: grey literature, pre-, post-, and published versions of academic papers, manuscripts, senior design projects, posters, datasets, presentations, and other creative works. Content may be text, image, video, audio, or mixed-media in nature. Learn more about types of content you can share on the Collection Policy.

Students should work with a faculty member to share scholarly output and creative works, such a capstone projects.

How do I get started?

After you have edited your profile page for the first time, you may share content by clicking on [Works] then [New Work] from the menu.

Where do I go for more information?

Under the Help button on the main Scholar@UC menu, you will find the following help topics:

  • FAQs – Answers to a variety of commonly asked questions
  • File Format Advice – Help with finding the right file format for the content you submit to Scholar@UC
  • Creator’s Rights – Information on Copyright and Intellectual Property

Need Further Assistance?

Contact the Scholar@UCTeam.